These polycarbonate syringes are made from latex-free materials. The clear barrel provides exceptional clarity and a smooth-as-glass feel with secure luer lock tip only. Available in 6 plunger colors. Please see model numbers for sterile and non-sterile product. Available non-sterile in increments of 100. Labeled syringes are also available.

6ml polycarbonate syringes shown above in yellow, green, blue, red, white, and violet

Order# (Non-sterile) Order# (Sterile - box of 25) Size Color
S/5001-R 5001-R 1ml Red
S/5001-Y 5001-Y 1ml Yellow
S/5001-G 5001-G 1ml Green
S/5001-B 5001-B 1ml Blue
S/5001-V 5001-V 1ml Violet
S/5001-W 5001-W 1ml White

Polycarbonate 1ml syringein white. Click for detail.

Order# (Non-sterile) Order# (Sterile - box of 25) Size Color
S/5003-R 5003-R 3ml Red
S/5003-Y 5003-Y 3ml Yellow
S/5003-G 5003-G 3ml Green
S/5003-B 5003-B 3ml Blue
S/5003-V 5003-V 3ml Violet
S/5003-W 5003-W 3ml White

Polycarbonate 3ml syringe in blue. Click for detail.


Order# (Non-sterile) Order# (Sterile - box of 25) Size Color
S/5006-R 5006-R 6ml Red
S/5006-Y 5006-Y 6ml Yellow
S/5006-G 5006-G 6ml Green
S/5006-B 5006-B 6ml Blue
S/5006-V 5006-V 6ml Violet
S/5006-W 5006-W 6ml White

Polycarbonate 6ml syringe in red. Click for detail.