Spigots, Medicine Cups, and Bowls

4710 Bag Spigot
Bag spigot/decanter is a non-vented quick spike for the quick decanting of vented fluids.

91-722 Macro Chamber
91-722 is a universal Macro Chamber with 72" standard IV tubing with Roller Clamp.

8031 DISPOSAL BOX The Disposal Box provides a secure method with which to dispose of objects specific to the angio/cath procedures. The Disposal Box has tape on the bottom to secure it to the Angio Drape and the OSHA danger label on a clear top. Upon completion of the procedure, "Danger" imprinted tape is provided to seal the objects inside.

47-722 Large Bore Spike (vented or non-vented)
The 47-722 is a universal Large Bore Spike standard with 72" standard IV tubing with Roller Clamp.

Note: The Large Bore Spike will deliver higher flow rates than standard spikes. With the roller smaller flow can be adjusted.

The 3002 is a color-coded 2 oz autoclavable semiclear Medicine Cup. Colors available as shown.

Sterile cups also available in cases of 50 under order number 3002-color (e.g., 3002-red).